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                          PRODUCTSQuality-oriented Lean and efficient customer-oriented industry leader
                          Electronic ceramic
                          High pure Zirconia powder, with 1500°C high temperature sintering and serveral producing process, made the white and beautiful ceramic products which are good wear resistance, high hardness, anti-scratch and No electromagnetic information shielding。It is fully satisfy the request of 5G technology, such as the ceramic phone back, finger print cover and intelligent products.
                          Structure Ceramics
                          Highly pure structure ceramics are with advantages advanced strength, high hardness, eletronic insulation, heat consultant, high temperature resistant, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-scratch. With the development of structure ceramics, it was named "the third material revolation". Surpaq is one of the best in ceramic industry in China with advanced equipment, full experience and stable quality.
                          Ceramic kitchenware
                          ????Ceramic knife is made from high pure Zirconia oxidation ceramic,with the process of isostatice pressing,high temperature sintering,fine machinery and etc,Which is named"ceramic steel"with higher hardness and anti-scratch than metal.Ceramic knife is beautiful on appearance and super sharp,high wearing resistance and corrosion resistance.Ceramic knife is the environmental concept which represent the new century and new material,is another high technology for tribution.????
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                          Address: Sunlord Industrial park, 28th Tangqing West Road, Shitan Pu, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City

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